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Behind The Hedge

The Hedge was started by Rachel Wood and Nada Meredith with the hope that it will help connect people to the possibilities that exist for change; providing ideas to live creatively into a more loving and sustainable future.

Since the seed was sown in 2015 we have gleaned an ever expanding team of helpers and contributors who are passionate about the possibilities the publication can offer and are now enabling The Hedge to grow.

All profits raised through sales are given away to small projects dedicated to helping the Earth and its inhabitants. Some recent recipitants include: The Flying seagull project; Cambrian Wildwood Project; Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees and The Himalayan Permaculture Project.

All contributions are welcome and will be considered. We would also be pleased to receive suggestions you may have for relevant content.

The Hedge is printed on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper by Footprints, a small ecologically minded workers cooperative.

Illustration by Jessica Eve Watkins

Our Gratitude to Earth pathways Seed Fund

In 2016 we recieved funding from the Earth Pathways seed fund to help us to create this website. The seed fund is a project set up by the Earth Pathways team who use a percentage of the profits from the beautiful Earth Pathways diaries and calendars to Seed-Fund projects that help the Earth. To see the amazing work they do, go to: www.earthpathwaysdiary.uk

Submissions and Advertising


If you wish to make your mark in the next issue of The Hedge, or want to recommend projects or people we could feature in the future, then please get in touch.


We are looking for advertisers whose business is of an ethical and ecological nature.

Not for profit:

All funds raised through advertising go directly to pay for the costs of printing. Please contact us for information if you would like to be included in our next issue.

Illustration by Jessica Eve Watkins